1. From the spanish the spanish word crudo meaning “raw” and the Ancient Greek keramikos meaning “made of clay”

[the studio]
We are a Costa Rican design studio focused mostly on the creation of ceramic objects, ranging from dinnerware, one of a kind vessels, and experimental sculptural objects for both functional and decorative use.

Our philosophy is rooted in clay’s tactility, immediacy, and particularly its unpredictability, resulting in a process driven practice. For us, Krudo equals time— the time spent in the making and the time the piece is meant to endure.

Krudo Studio was founded in 2017 by Camila Capra. Originally based in Santa Ana, a small city in San José, Costa Rica, colloquially known as the Valley of the Sun and home to an endless number of family run ceramic productions. All of our pieces are uniquely handmade with locally sourced clay bodies.

*Since 2022 the studio is now based in The Netherlands.

[the founder]

Camila herself was born and raised in Santa Ana. A daughter of two avid collectors who instilled in her an appreciation for art and design. She considers herself a curious collector of visual information, drawing from history, nature and everyday encounters with seemingly mundane objects.
“For me process is something quite precious and I like to maintain a certain flexibility in my work that allows for things to happen. A lot of this comes directly from working with clay, because it is a material that teaches you a lot about instability and unpredictability. It makes you see the importance of change, teaching you to embrace inconsistencies and embrace unexpected outcomes.”